About Me

Career and Acknowledgements

  • 1999

    He founds Girando WAP, first mobile app in Latin America, later incorporated by Take.net.
  • 2002

    Co-founds the Innovation Institute (Instituto Inovação), which is born as one of the first startup accelerators in Brazil. There, he works as the CEO of ComunIP and accelerates the technology areas for companies such as Ecovec, Nanum, Verti, and Rizoflora, among others; he also participates on the creation of many companies and initiatives from the group.
  • 2006

    He co-founds Inventta, a consultancy arm from Innovation Institute. Felipe takes part in dozens of projects in big universities and companies such as Fiat, Petrobras, Johnson & Johnson, Nestlé, among others.
  • 2007

    Start of the Criatec fund, one of the first and main seed capital funds for startup investiments, with R$100 million. The fund was an initiative from BNDES, which selected the venture formed by Innovation Institute (which later would create Inseed Investiments) and Antra Investment Management for its management. Felipe actively participated on the elaboration and planning of the fund, as well as its first years of management.
  • 2009

    Through the experience with Criatec Fund, the Innovation Institute founded its own investment manager, Inseed, which currently manages other investment funds aimed towards startups.
  • 2011

    The experience with Venture Capital leads Felipe to see a gap in the startup ecosystem on the initial phases, making him found Startup Farm, the first digital startup accelerator in Brazil. Farm has accelerated hundreds of startups, which took hundreds of millions in investments and are, together, evaluated in billions of reais. Startup Farm has been acknowledged nationally and internationally, and is currently the most active independent private accelerator in Latin America (according to a Fundacity report from 2016).
  • 2013

    Invited by the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation, Felipe becomes the Start-Up Brazil Operations Director, an official program from the Brazilian government to financially support startups in the fields of software and IT services, in partnership with private accelerators. Felipe leaded the program since its conception until the first 4 rounds of startup selection. About R$ 40 million were invested by the federal government between 2013 and 2015, along with many private investors. The Start-Up Brazil program had international projection and was acknowledged by its results and innovative model of public-private partnership.
  • 2015

    After leaving the public management sector, Felipe articulated along with other leaders in the Brazilian startups ecosystem to create Dínamo, a non-profit organization which promotes the dialogue between the national entrepreneurship ecosystem agents and the public sector, to improve the regulatory environment and public policies that support technological entrepreneurship.
  • 2017

    Celebrating his 20 years of career, and after realizing that he helped about 10 thousand startups throughout his career, Felipe Matos launches the “10 Thousand Startups” project, with a book, courses and lectures all over Brazil. 2017 is also the year for initiatives outside the technology field, with the production house Mariposa Cultural, dedicated to projects in the arts, music and audiovisual market.
  • 1997

    Programming since 12 years old, he founds, at 14, his digital enterprise: Infor@News, a blog about technology and games.

  • Member of the collaboration Forum EUBrasil Cloudforum
  • Member of the Brazilian Startups Association Board
  • Nominated to the Global Startup Awards for innovation in public high impact public policies (Startup Nations Summit, GEN, Mexico, 2015)
  • Indicado ao Startup Awards Global por inovação em política pública de alto impacto (Startup Nations Suumit, GEN, México, 2015)
  • Highlighted as the “Big Boss” in Brazilian Entrepreneurship (Pequenas Empresas & Grandes Negócios Magazine)
  • Highlighted as Superconnector in the technology field in São Paulo(Websummit)
  • Columnist for Pequenas Empresas e Grandes Negócios Magazine and Link - Estadão
  • Elected as one of the Entrepreneurs who contributed the most for the Brazilian entrepreneurship ecosystem (Popular vote promoted by Startupi, between 2013 and 2014)
  • Currently enrolled in a Professional Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship by FEA/USP
  • MBA in Strategic Management Focused on Information Technology, Pitágoras University
  • Graduated in Business Administration by AIEC, having also studied in PUC Minas and UFMG

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