Felipe Matos will coordinate Entrepreneurship track for Global Tech School based in Florianopolis Exosphe.re. Program starts in July

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    Exosphere is a global tech school of the future, with experiential, immersive programs based in Florianopolis, Brazil. Its programs last 6 weeks and receive students from more than 40 different nationalities.

    With a learning method based on real problems and an entrepreneurial approach, it values a diverse profile of students. Exosphere works not only with content, but considering a holistic and more human view of students, supporting them with improving their self-knowledge.

    Program Tracks are Entrepreneurship, Artificial Intelligence, Biohacking, and Blockchain. Entrepreneurship track will count with Felipe Matos as Fellow and coordinator.

    Students from all over the world, with different ages and backgrounds, can apply. The program takes place in the beautiful paradisiac island of Florianopolis, between July 3rd and August 8th. Find more info: http://exosphe.re

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