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Startup Farm is the most active independent private accelerator in Latin America. Idealized and founded by Felipe Matos, it accelerated over 250 startups, jointly evaluated in over R$ 1 billion. The accelerator has revealed high potential startups in the region and created an engaged community of  “farmers”, their accelerated entrepreneurs. Startup Farm provides to its startups the access to a network of contacts with great companies, technology partners, and investors, besides mentoring, technical content, pre-seed investment, and workspace, in exchange for a minor equity stake.

Policy Advocacy Group Dínamo para Empreendedorismo Inovador - políticas públicas e legislação.


Dínamo is a non-profit civil association which gathers the main leaderships of the private sector from the Brazilian startups ecosystem, with the goal of talking to governments, suggesting improvements in the regulatory environment and public policies regarding the incentive to technological entrepreneurship in Brazil. Felipe Matos is one of Dínamo’s founders and councilors, working as Executive Director. Dínamo has been stimulating the adoption of policies to debureaucratization, promotion of investments and incentives to new technology companies, as well as the promotion of a more entrepreneurial business culture.

Initiatives to which I contributed with content


Felipe Matos is a columnist for PEGN Magazine (Pequenas Empresas e Grandes Negócios), contributing with articles about acceleration and startups.



Felipe Matos is a fixed blogger at Link – Estadão, one of the major newspapers in Brazil, reaching 30 million readers monthly.


Book and content and online services website for entrepreneurs, created by Felipe Matos.

Companies, organizations, and initiatives in which he is a Counselor


The Brazilian Startups association represents almost all of the 8 thousand technology startups in Brazil, and looks to generate value to the sector through visibility, content, gathering of benefits, and political representation. Felipe Matos is a member of the Association Council.


Part of the Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN), it is an international forum with representatives from over 70 countries, formed by public policy makers and leaderships from entrepreneurship promotion ecosystems. Felipe Matos is the representative for Brazil since 2014, participating in many international events and helping creating content and dialogues about best practices in different regions.


EUBrasilCloudForum was created from the cooperation between the Brazilian and European Union governments, seeking to finance researches regarding the future technologies development in cloud computing. Felipe Matos is a member of the advisory board, contributing with the forum by bringing the perspective from Brazilian technology startups.

UpPoints is a high technology startup, which uses image recognition and neural networks to generate real-time analysis of physical retail stores through camera images pointed to sales points. The company is invested on by Embraco, a Brazilian multinational part of Whirlpool group. Felipe Matos is a member of the company’s Administration Council.

Companies, organizations, and initiatives which he previously co-founded

Corporate group born in 2002 as one of the first startup accelerators in Brazil, it established as one of the main business generators connected to innovative entrepreneurship in the country, adding initiatives such as the innovation consultancy Inventta, and the venture capital manager Inseed. It also generated spin offs such as the entrepreneurship school Tropos Lab, the accelerator Startup Farm, and the Wylinka foundation. Felipe Matos was the founding partner, taking part in the Institute’s conception and its transformations until the year of 2012 and beyond.

Inventta is the innovation management and design thinking consultancy from Innovation Institute, which was founded by Felipe Matos. In Inventta, Matos managed and participated in dozens of projects for large companies, such as Fiat, Petrobras, Natura, among many others, as well as universities such as USP, Unicamp and UFMG. Those were technology transfer projects, corporate venture, technological prospection, internal innovation culture deployment, and development of new products, as well as the use of tax incentives for innovation, such as the Good Law and IT Law, among others.

Inseed is a venture capital funds manager, accredited by CVM, and founded by the Innovation Institute group, which was founded by Felipe Matos. It is responsible for managing funds such as Criatec 1, Environment Innovation Fund and Criatec 3, among others, summing up to over R$ 500 million under administration for investments on technology startups, focused on the seed stages.

Created in 2007, the Criatec Fund was one of the first big seed capital funds for startups in Brazil, with R$ 100 million in capital, invested on 36 companies, out of over 2 thousand companies analyzed. Managed by the Innovation Institute (and later, Inseed Investments), in partnership with Antera Investments Management. Felipe Matos actively participated in the fund’s idealization and planning, as well as prospecting and evaluating companies, especially in the ICT areas (Information and Communication Technology).

One of the first crowdfunding initiatives in Latin America, the project allowed Felipe Matos to buy his first car, by selling advertising quotas through the website, in a marketing initiative that became very famous at the time.

iGrátis / GrátisON

Co-founded by Felipe Matos, Vinicius Ribeiro and Tiago Batea, it was an online free services portal, in which iMasters used to be part of, later becoming independent and one of the main developers communities in Latin America.

First mobile app in Latin America, it was co-founded by Felipe Matos who, at 16 years old, launched his first startup. After a huge media success at the time, it was incorporated by in 2001.


Founded by Felipe Matos in 1997, it was his first online enterprise and one of the first websites in the Brazilian internet focused on news and analysis about the technology market.

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