Workshops and Courses

Workshops and Classroom Courses

Investments Capture for Startups
Corporate Open Innovation: how to promote a win-win relationship between startups and big companies
Workshop for Angel Investors: How to invest on startups
Lean Startup, MVP, and Business Models Validation

Online Courses

From the idea to MVP: how to build and validate a startup’s business model by using agile lean startup tools

Venture Capital and Investments Capture for Startups

Dominating the Pitch: how to tell the best version of your story in efficient public presentations for audiences of clients, partners, and investors

Society: the secrets they didn’t tell you. How to avoid the main problems and build a healthy relationship with your business’ partners

Learning with startups: how the innovative technology business culture can teach traditional organizations to innovate more and better

Corporate Venture Innovation: win-win strategies for big companies and startups.


10 Steps to Get Your Idea Out of the Paper and Build your Startup

The Startups Disruption: how the new paths of technologic innovation are transforming markets and putting current business models in risk

Startup Culture: how the way of being of the most innovative technology companies can help rethink traditional businesses

10 Thousand Startups: what I have learned by accelerating and living with the technology world’s most innovative ideas

Startups and Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Vision: what it is, how it works, how it has evolved and how to relate to it

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